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Kirsty Gregg Studio

Whether your goal is improved strength and tone, elevating your sports performance or giving yourself a physical and mental "deep breath" for an hour a week, teaming up with a personal trainer brings the focus back to you.

Kirsty heads a team of highly-educated trainers who access the most up-to-date body science methods to bring new challenges and energy to your workouts. Tracking your progress, Kirsty's team hones in on your needs to create uplifting and invigorating one-to-one workouts that adapt and change as you reach your targets.

If you're already a re:ab member then consider adding a personal training session as a "seasonal booster shot". Whether you are training one-to-one or combining your sessions with a partner or friend (two-to-one) adding a PT session to your workout mix is proven to raise your motivation and expectations and deliver real-time results.