Teen Classes

re:ab’s Teen Classes

Teen years are crucial for introducing good exercise habits. Muscles are developing and changing

from the 'fatigue resistant' muscles of a child to the more sophisticated muscle system of an adult.

This comes with a price though... more lactic acid is produced during exercise and teens need to

understand the importance of warming up and cooling down properly. With the potential for growth

spurts during these years, overuse injuries such as Osgood-Schlatter disease can develop, and

stretching properly can aid in reducing its occurrence and help recovery management.

re:ab teen classes are limited to 6, so students are carefully supervised throughout the classes. 

Teen Pilates

These fun, engaging classes will challenge balance, stability and strength. The classes

will use mats and reformers, as well as a variety of small props, to keep exercises fun and

interesting.  The pilates principles of core control, breathing and alignment will be fundamental.

Teen Pilates will help students to learn good postural habits, something crucial with our lives

becoming increasingly dependent on technology and devices. Regular pilates compliments any sport

and is excellent preparation for any physical activity that is picked up in later years. 

Teen Circuit

A fun and engaging environment where participants can improve aerobic fitness,

muscular endurance, and overall health while having a laugh and learning a variety of movements

that can be the building blocks for future strength and fitness development. 

Teen circuit uses body weight and free weight exercises to work on strengthening and stabilising the

younger body. No matter what sporting preference or fitness levels these circuit classes are both fun

and challenging for the mind and body!