Pilates for Life

At re:ab we have many members, who have been with us since the beginning. Yes, even before we

moved into Selbourne Street!

You are those members, who no longer need convincing of all the benefits Pilates offers, but at the

same time, a fast paced and fitness driven class, is not what you’re after anymore.

Your goal is no longer about how much extra resistance you’re adding to your reformer each week,

or how fast you can perform ‘the Hundreds’. For you, it’s about what Pilates can add, so that you can

stay as active and engaged in your life outside of class - whether that’s an ability to enjoy travel

more, continue to engage with your hobbies and friends, or simply run after your grandkids!

That’s why we’re introducing our new class ‘Pilates for Life’.

We want to acknowledge this desire and need, for those looking for a class with a more considered

pace, and one which focuses on functional wellbeing – maintaining strength, flexibility, balance and

the social connections we all benefit from, in attending group workouts – all whilst holding a respect

for the changes our body naturally goes through as we move through life.

If this sounds like a class that would appeal to you, we’d love to hear from you. Your feedback and input would mean a lot to us.

You have spoken and we’ve listened, and we would very much like to create a way, that would enable us all to enjoy ‘Pilates for Life’.