Our Longest standing re:ab member! Ro Lange

This month we want to celebrate and acknowledge Ro Lange. Ro is our longest standing re:ab

member, who has been with us even before we moved into Selbourne Street. She is a loyal

supporter of everything re:ab and a consistent and enthusiastic class attender – most of us don’t

know a re:ab without her!

We all know that maintaining good exercise habits is an important part of ageing well and having a

healthy active life. Ro is the epitome of this. 

Ro embraced the technology of zoom during lockdown. She has tried a variety of our classes

including reformer and mat, jump, barre and fit for life. She is also conscientious at incorporating

physio exercises into her routine which keeps her able to ascend her local Maungawhau/Mt Eden.

We love having you at re:ab Ro. xx