Member Winter Challenges

During winter we have asked members to set themselves a Challenge to come up with their own Goals to improve strength and fitness or training habits. Check out these fantastic Goals:

Catherine -40 to 45 full press ups, increase water intake

Ro -Improve balance -standing on alternate legs gradually increasing time

Kate -increase water intake

Mel – working on increasing overall strength

Kate -get to a total of 1000 classes

Kirsty – to achieve 2 x 30 minutes weight sessions per week

Colinda – get to doing full press ups

Ann – build up to 5km park run

Jake- increase running distance and adding anterior shank training to his programme.

Nicky – include evening classes and vary instructors

Rachael – work on flexibility

Jane- incorporate some cardio into her week

Susan- to strengthen glutes

Jane- increase grip strength- increase time in hang

Kirsty – incorporate more circuits into her routine

Karyn – increase muscle tone

Pia – increase plank endurance

Sue- work on hip mobility

Molly – increase running distance , aiming for Auckland half marathon October 2023

Jo - wants to do 23 classes for August 2023

What is your Goal?

We will offer up a free month’s membership to the person who impresses us most with their commitment to their GOAL.

Let's do this!