Golf pilates at re:ab with Brigid Holford

Often golfers suffer from lower back pain due to stiffness in their mid back combined with too much mobility in the lower back.

These injuries can be both helped and prevented with golf specific exercises which help to improve stability of your core and flexibility of your spine.

Golfers of every level have completed Golf Pilates courses with me experiencing the many benefits to their golf game.

Come along and join a 4 week golf Pilates group at reab commencing
11am Friday 8th May 2015.


"My golf was going backwards rapidly.  I knew what the problem was but I needed help to correct it, so I decided to enroll in one of Brigit's Pilates courses as I had heard nothing but positive reports from those that had done one of her courses.

Brigit immediately saw what my problem was and after working on strengthening my core muscles and getting me to turn more easily, I am back on track.
I do recommend to anyone who is getting frustrated with their body not doing what it once could do, that enrolling in one of these Golf Pilates courses will go a long way towards helping.
So a big thanks Brigit and I will certainly be back for a refresher course."

"I have just completed an 8 week Golf Pilates course with Brigit and can highly recommend the classes to golfers of all ages and abilities.
Brigit has a fantastic approach to her classes and keeps her class sizes to a minimum to make sure she can dedicate appropriate time to everyone.
With her fantastic knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing she was very early able to detect areas for improvement in my swing and then demonstrate specific Pilates exercises for me to focus on.
Brigit has a real passion for the game of golf and this combined with her physiotherapy background make her Golf Pilates classes invaluable."