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Our Expertise

The re:ab physiotherapy and pilates clinic is a specially designed studio that offers a unique combination of physiotherapy, pilates, massage and fitness training.

re:ab doesn't just help people with strained joints or pulled muscles (although we do that very well!) We take our commitment to you a step further helping you prevent injuries and pain, achieve better posture, improve your fitness, tone up your body and in doing that release you body's true potential.

We specialise in pilates for:

  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Enhancing sporting performance
  • Pregnancy and post natal {link}
  • Lymphodema {link}
  • Steel pilates {link}
  • General health and wellbeing
  • 1 on 1s, duos, and classes (including private classes)

What is pilates?

Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system using a variety of equipment and exercises. Pilates improves core strength, flexibility, agility and biomechanics. At reab, we incorporate our physiotherapy knowledge into the type of exercise you do. Therefore it is safe for any level including new mums, people with significant injuries and those recovering from surgery.

What can Pilates do?

Aid with injury recovery - The wide range of pilates' equipment and exercises can assist you to achieve a better recovery from injury. It also assists with injury prevention through biomechanical assessment and restoration of normal movement patterns, muscle strength and coordination.

Ante and Post natal - During pregnancy and after birth, it is essential to become aware of and strengthen core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. This can prevent or help with pregnancy related back or pelvic pain. It also speeds up your recovery after labour and prepares your body for the physical demands of early parenthood.

Improve sports performance - Get that competitive edge with improved biomechanics and efficiency of movement. Pilates develops length and strength in muscle, and flexibility in joints, which can help deal with the 'niggles' associated with training.

Improve Posture - Many people suffer from posture related pain. Pilates helps with posture awareness and strengthens the important postural muscles.

Post operative rehabilitation - Pilates helps with post operative recovery, helping to reactivate muscles and bring the body back into balance. The huge variety of exercises and equipment enable our physiotherapists to tailor recovery programmes to suit each level of rehabilitation. We also use the specialised Pink Pilates programme to help to restore movement and strength in breast cancer survivors.

Assist with general fitness and toning - Due to the large repertoire of exercises, pilates tones all areas of the body in a safe, low impact way.