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What is re:ab?

re:ab is a boutique health and wellness studio that specialises in physiotherapy, pilates, fitness and massage. It is truly a one-stop shop for all your health and wellbeing needs.

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re:ab Level 1 update

We are so pleased to be back at Level 1.

Please remember to sign in each time you come to the studio, use the contactless hand sanitizer and stay home if you are sick or waiting for a Covid test result.

The timetable is back to normal so please book in - see you very soon. We still have Zoom classes and online classes available too.

Kirsty W and the re:ab team









If you would like to book into a re:ab pilates or fitness class, please click on the "Book Now" button above.

We are still running Zoom and online classes.  If you are interested in these classes please email us on

Member of the Month


Introducing our latest Member of the Month - Kelly Bulley!

We have noticed a steady improvement in Kelly's strength, stamina and flexibility over the past six months. She trains consistently, and we know she has pushed herself out of her comfort zone to try classes she is now a regular at.
From nervous beginnings attending jump classes, she now attends regularly, and can handle the choreography and sequences confidently. Her core is stronger and her alignment and posture much improved.
Kelly is focused and good natured in class and always tries her best.
Well done Kelly!