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re:ab Classes

All re:ab classes have 10 or less participants to ensure a high standard of teacher/client interaction with emphasis on correct technique and alignment.

No two classes are ever the same. You will use a variety of props and exercises to strengthen your core, mobilize your spine, improve flexibility and tone your whole body.

This whole body workout uses varying spring resistance to keep your mind engaged with your body. Pilates principles are fundamental to every movement. You’ll be amazed at the versatility of this piece of equipment.

Reformer Jump
A dynamic workout using the pilates jumpboards. Hopping and jumping sequences target all the major leg muscles and your heart will get a good workout too.

Advanced Reformer
Challenge yourself with an hour of reformer exploring some of the advanced exercise variations. This class is not for beginners, pregnant clients or those with injuries (unless cleared by a re:ab physio).

Beginners’ Pilates
Essential to any newcomer, and hugely beneficial to all pilates clients. The beginners’ class returns to the fundamentals of pilates; concentration, breath, control, precision and flow. Understanding of the basics of pilates technique is vital to progressing to a general level class.

Mat and Reformer Combo
Can’t choose between a mat or reformer class? These combo classes give you the best of both worlds with class time divided between the two.

Pilates Sculpt
This class is designed to sculpt, tone & lengthen every muscle in the body both quickly & effectively! The class will have an interval structure where you will work on a selection of targeted full body exercises for a set time, using the bosu, hand weights & mats. The end of the session will include 10 - 15 mins of stretches & foam rolling to leave you feeling fabulous.

re:barre uses floor work, light weights and standing exercises to sculpt the whole body. You will challenge your core strength, lengthen your limbs and re-balance your body. With a strong focus on posture and the elongating principles of dance, this workout will quickly and safely reshape your entire body. 

Barre Express
Focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability; this is a fun, standing workout driven by music to increase coordination, motivation and improve movement quality.

Combing two favourite classes to give a unique total workout - the barre component targets legs and arms whilst constantly working postural muscles in standing; the reformer section focuses on abdominals and spinal movement. You'll leave feeling longer and stronger.

Re:hab Self Practice (limited to 5 participants)
This session enables those clients with specific rehab needs to work on the pilates studio equipment. Clients work individually on a programme of exercises created by one of the re:ab physios. You must be referred by a re:ab physio to attend this session.

A great opportunity to really focus on flexibility. Using a variety of props this class emphasises good breath control whilst stretching. There is time to work more specifically with muscles gaining more length and a deeper stretch.

Now you can get your cardio and pilates fix in one time efficient class. A half hour session in the spin room, is followed by half an hour of pilates on the mat or reformer. This high intensity class will push you to new fitness levels while still giving you the strength and stability from pilates.

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