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Beginners’ Fitness

Learn the set up and technique for all our fitness classes – spin, circuit, TRX, boxing. No experience is needed.  We will take you through from absolute beginner until you are confident to fit into all of our classes.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is an outdoor cardio and strength workout that aims to improve your overall stamina and strength. Boot Camp is ideal as an add on to other circuit training to step it up a notch or to mix with indoor circuits or pilates classes. Give it a go!

Boxing Circuit

Boxing Circuit classes are designed to improve strength, power, agility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. Classes involve boxing combinations using focus pads with a partner and working individually on the punching bags. The classes do not involve actual physical contact, so it is a safe, challenging and fun workout for all ages and fitness levels. All gear is provided - you only need to bring your water and a towel.


Keep the intensity pumping in this effective 60-minute weights and cardio work out.  Under the watchful eye of our re:ab trainers,  you will safely increase your strength and fitness. You will work your whole body while keeping your training fresh and fun using a variety of equipment.

Express Circuit

Strengthen and tone your body fast in this 45-minute circuit that mixes weights and cardiovascular training. No experience is required - just the right attitude! This is the perfect class for those short on time wanting results.

High Intensity Circuit

This 45-minute class combines anaerobic exercise with free weights and is designed to challenge all fitness levels. Maximise your training by burning more calories per minute and work your way towards a fitter and stronger you!

Pilates & Run with Rachel

Pilates & Run with Rachel will start with a running focused 30-minute pilates session. This will be aimed at increasing awareness of your running posture and the most effective exercises to achieve the most out of your running body.  The pilates session will be followed by a 20-30 minute run with varying options from beginner to advanced.  We will end with a stretch and cool down to finish.

Post Natal Circuit

This is a post-natal friendly circuit class following more of a “Pilates Sculpt” vibe.  The class will have an interval structure where you will work on a selection of targeted full body exercises for a set time, using the bosu, hand weights & mats.  This is a great way to get a little more energy and weight-based exercise into your recovering post-natal body.  You must have received sign off from your Lead Maternity Carer before attending this class. We encourage you to have a post-natal WOF from a Women’s Health Physio before attending these classes – we can help you with a recommendation of one close to you.


Now you can get your cardio and pilates fix in one-time efficient class. Spin:Lates incorporates a half hour session in the spin room focused on cardio and leg work, followed by half an hour of pilates on the mat or reformer focusing on strength and core work. This high intensity class will push you to new fitness levels while still giving you the strength and stability from pilates.

Spin (50 mins + 10 min stretch)

Designed for those that want to work hard, this is a high intensity work out that still allows you take it at your own pace. Be revved up by musical classics as you increase your cardio capacity and burn major bodyfat in this hour of interval training. Unlike other spin classes, our classes are limited to 10 so there is no hiding in the back row... be prepared to sweat! Please bring a towel and a bottle of water. Towels are available to hire at reception for $2 and we also sell water if you forget.

TRX Circuit

Devised by Navy Seals as the ultimate full body workout, TRX suspension training is for those who have the drive to achieve results. Using the TRX equipment will challenge you, build muscle, and increase stability and grip strength.  All fitness levels can join this dynamic class.

Zoom Fitness

Get your workout done at home and connect with our instructors through Zoom. While we started these during lockdown, our Zoom classes are still popular if you are away or unable to travel into the studio for any reason. A familiar voice and face will take you through a 45-minute class keeping you motivated and inspired. Props are minimal, just clear your floor space and set up your device.

Fit for Life
A 45 minute class with a bit of everything. We will warm up on the spin bikes (sneakers essential) before doing work on posture and balance using a variety of small props. We will finish with a session on the reformers stretching and moving the spine. Ideal for clients over 50 who want to keep active and mobile.

HIIP (High Intensity Interval Pilates)

A dynamic class mixing pilates and interval training to strengthen and tone your body while increasing cardio endurance. The main body of this class will have an interval structure where you will work on a selection of targeted full body exercises for a set time. This is the perfect class for those short on time wanting to add a bit more fitness to their pilates workout.