The following are the terms and conditions for re:ab’s membership scheme:

  1. Signing up to re:ab’s membership scheme entitles the member to attend as many of re:ab’s classes as they wish during the term of the membership.
  2. Membership commences on the first day of the month following the day that the member’s first payment is received into re:ab’s nominated bank account.
  3. Payment is to be made in advance to re:ab’s nominated bank account.
  4. Membership prices and payment options are available at reception.
  5. All classes on re:ab’s class schedule are included in the membership scheme. Please note the schedule changes regularly.
  6. Attendance at classes is subject to availability. Members will still need to book into classes and confirm attendance with re:ab reception.
  7. Initial membership is for a six-month period. After that period, the member can terminate their membership on one month’s notice.
  8. re:ab can give one month’s notice of any changes to the membership policy, price or of termination of the scheme itself. These changes will be made in writing to each member.
  9. All of re:ab’s other terms and conditions apply to the member. See our web site for more information
  10. If the membership payments become overdue, re:ab will be entitled to terminate the membership arrangement immediately and require payment of any arrears. Attendance at classes is not permitted if membership payments are in arrears.
  11. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel their automatic payment if their membership is terminated.
  12. Payment of the initial membership fee will be deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.