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Our Expertise

reab's expert physiotherapists will work with you to get you back to full strength, whether you have an acute injury or ongoing pain or imbalance. All our staff are experienced and highly trained.

We work with you one on one with minimum 30 minutes appointments. Our physiotherapists also have access to high level equipment for assessment and rehabilitation:

  • No referral required
  • All ACC injuries - musculoskeletal, post-surgical, rehabilitation, back injuries
  • Specialists in pregnancy and post natal checks
  • Specialists in lymphedema assessment and treatment
  • We use pilates equipment for rehabilitation especially for people with persistent injuries
  • We also use manual therapy, acupuncture and electrotherapy
re:ab doesn't just help people with strained joints or pulled muscles (although we do that very well!) We take our commitment to you a step further helping you prevent injuries and pain, achieve better posture, improve your fitness, tone up your body and in doing that release you body's true potential.