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Level 2 Physiotherapy Client Protocol last updated - May 27, 2020

In accordance with the New Zealand Physiotherapy Board and the Ministry of Health “Guidance for Care under Level 2”, we are now able to provide face to face Physiotherapy Consultations for appropriate clients.

We are required to follow a strict protocol to ensure your safety and that of our team.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this protocol please contact us prior to your consultation on

Prior to attending our clinic

  1. When we email this protocol to you, we will attach any necessary documentation for you to complete prior to the consultation. You will need to fill in paperwork if:

    you are new client to re:ab;

    you are an existing client but this is your first appointment after lockdown; and/ or

    this is a new ACC claim.

  1. We are continuing to provide TeleHealth consultations. This is an excellent option if you have any underlying health conditions or vulnerability to COVID-19You should also use TeleHealth if you, or anyone you have been in close contact with, has been unwell in the last 48 hours.

  1. Should you develop any symptoms between booking and attending a face to face appointment, please inform us immediately and do not attend the clinic. We reiterate the Ministry of Health and Physiotherapy Board advice that anyone presenting with cold or flu like symptoms will not be able to attend their appointment and should stay home and get tested.


  1. When you arrive at the clinic, please wait outside in your car. You will receive a text message to enter the building when your physiotherapist is ready for you. Please bring minimal personal belongings in a small bag to avoid the risk of contaminating surfaces.

  1. When you enter the building, please use the hand sanitiserwhich is available on the wall on the left-hand side of the entrance.

  1. You will be asked to confirm your details, including your health status, with reception before being taken to your consultation room or designated waiting area.

  1. Please avoid touching any surfaces as far as possible – door handles, reception desk and equipment.

  1. Your physiotherapist will be wearing appropriate PPE during your consultation. This may include gloves, mask and apron. Please note that the Physiotherapy Board advises that PPE is not required in all circumstances. You are more than welcome to wear your own PPE if this makes you feel more comfortable. However we ask that you wear clothing appropriate for treatment and that allows us to access the area of concern. We recommend you shower and wash your clothes when you return home.

  1. A rigorous cleaning protocol is in place within our facility both prior to and post your consultation.

Post consultation

  1. After your consultation, your physiotherapist will guide you out of the clinic. Again, we ask that you avoid touching any surfaces. Contactless hand sanitiser will be available for your use before exiting.

  1. We will not be taking any payment at the time of consultation. You will be electronically invoiced for any payments.

  1. If you need to purchase any physio related products, this can be done online through our website and the product will be delivered directly to your home. If you have your own small exercise equipment such as theraband, please bring it with you.

  1. We ask that if all possible you do not use our bathroom or changing facilities during your visit to the clinic.

  1. If possible, we request you attend your appointment alone. If would like to bring a chaperone, this will need to have been discussed and confirmed prior to the consultation.

We thank you for your cooperation with this protocol during these challenging and unprecedented times. This protocol will be updated again for Level 1 and we will update you on any changes when the time comes.

Should you wish more detailed information on The New Zealand Physiotherapy Board’s guidance during Level 2 this can be accessed here:

And information from the Government on Level 2 accessed here:

Kindest Regards

re:ab Physiotherapy Team