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Power Plate

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Power Plate
re:ab on Selbourne would like to introduce you to vibration training with the Power Plate. Whether you want to look better, feel better, or play better, Power Plate can help.

Used by physiotherapists, personal trainers, athletes and celebrities alike.
Danni Minogue using the Power Plate

"I love my new Power Plate. Even after only 2 weeks on the Power Plate I can already see a difference in my legs and stomach. It is really working, everything seems so much firmer. I love the fact that I can see results in such a short time with such little effort!"
- Elle Macpherson



Benefits for life
Acceleration Training™ on Power Plate® equipment offers a host of benefits. These are proven with scientific published research studies. Whether you would like to get stronger, increase your bone mineral density, boost your youth hormones, improve circulation, improve flexibility, accelerate rehabilitation or reduce muscle soreness Power Plate can help.

How it works
Power Plate® machines use the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body's natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 to 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Acceleration Training™ with Power Plate® machines creates instability in the human body, as with each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per second. Furthermore, these contractions must work in multiple dimensions as the Power Plate machines actually oscillate in all three planes, exactly as the human body is designed to do. The net result is an incredible improvement in force production, or strength and power.

6 week programme - $300
Two 1 on 1 half hour sessions to get you used to the power plate and to receive a programme developed especially for you. Then 6 weeks of access to the power plate to do your programme up to 3 times a week (18 sessions). Also includes a third half hour 1 on 1 at the 3 week mark to make sure you are right on track.

Review programme - $150
One 1 on 1 session to review your programme and update it for you followed by another four weeks of access to the power plate up to 3 times per week (12 sessions).

One on one training - $40 for half an hour


Jaydn Nixon
physiotherapist, pilates instructor and fitness trainer

Jaydn's training and work as a physiotherapist made him realise that just treating injuries and illness isn't enough and is a strong believer in early intervention, prevention, and general health promotion. Initially he was a bit of a sceptic on the Power Plate but was impressed with using the machine himself, clinically, and reviewing the research. Jaydn began working for Power Plate in an education role in New Zealand alongside his physio work.

In 2007-2008 he was employed as the Power Plate master trainer full time for the Asia-Pacific region, educating physiotherapists, personal trainers and exercise scientists on the role of Power Plate vibration training in rehabilitation, athletic performance, recovery and general exercise. He was lucky enough to spend some time with head of training for Power Plate International, as well as the product developer.

At re:ab Jaydn uses the Power Plate as part of his physio practice for rehabilitation and as an excellent personal training, performance and recovery tool.

Monique Jackson
Monique Jackson pilates instructor, spin instructor, PT and boot camp instructor BPhEd, PGDip SportsMed

Monique graduated from the University of Otago in 2007 with a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine.

She has a real passion for health and fitness and enjoys motivating and helping clients reach their goals. Monique works as a Personal Trainer and takes boot camps, pilates classes, spin and spin:lates at re:ab.